Main Faults and Maintenance Method of Induction Faucet
  • Date:2019-07-23
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Nowadays, the working principle of both foreign and domestic induction faucet brands is much the same. Its core components are infrared induction probe and solenoid valve coil. The main faults and maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Induction faucet does not water: first of all, determine whether the power supply is normal, the main domestic power supply mode is AC 220V voltage conversion to 12V and 6V; DC 6V (No. 7 or No. 5 alkaline battery four sections) and DC 3V (two No. 7 or No. 5 alkaline batteries), with hand shield in front of the infrared window to observe whether there is an indicator lamp, some induction faucet products. The infrared window of the brand is controlled by single chip computer, and the power indicator lamp is installed in the water control part (under the table basin). If there is no reaction, the induction part is initially judged to be faulty, and the infrared probe can be replaced. It is suggested here that the user who can not judge the faults, if there are other normal induction faucets, can adopt the exclusion method, and red them first. External plugs are inserted in the faulty water control part of the faulty faucet, which makes it easy to judge whether the induction part is faulty or the solenoid valve in the water control part is faulty, and pay attention to whether all plugs have no possibility of bad contact or dampness.

2. Induction faucet can't shut off water: Exclude foreign body in front of induction window (the principle of inductor is that as long as there is an object in the infrared induction range, the machine responds) and the indicator lamp is normal, check whether the filter screen at the water inlet of the water control part is blocked by sediment or other debris, if there is, please clean it; if fails to solve the problem, please open it. Solenoid valve, cleaning coil spool, spring, diaphragm, etc. are loaded back as it is. If water is not shut down, the solenoid valve is damaged. Replace the new part of solenoid valve. There is an experience here that the water can not be shut down. After induction by hand, if the water volume becomes larger, the water can not be shut down after the hand leaves, but the water output is smaller than that when used. This shows that the solenoid valve is fault-free. It can be used normally only by cleaning the interior of the solenoid valve according to the above method.

3. The amount of water coming out from the induction tap is small: on the one hand, it depends on whether the water pressure and the flow rate of the pipeline are small; on the other hand, it checks whether the filter screen at the water inlet end of the water control part is blocked by impurities; on the other hand, it considers that PPR is used in the pipeline nowadays; on the other hand, hot melting is used in the pipeline joints in some projects, which does not exclude the excessive hot melting The shape reduces the amount of water flowing through the pipeline.

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